New Listings

  • Prepare professional listing packages- go to your listing with disclosures in hand and be prepared with a complete disclosure package
  • Open Escrow, Preliminary Report, CC&R’S, HOA Documents
  • Order Geological Report
  • Order Inspections
  • Order Home Warranty with Seller’s Coverage if needed
  • Put Listing on MLS with or without disclosures
  • Order Sign Up, Riders, Flyer Boxes
  • Schedule Tours, Office Tour or Broker Tour
  • Schedule Open Houses or assist in finding hosts
  • Submit all Paperwork to Office and upload to system (kw greensheet & skyslope)
  • Fill Out Status Change Forms: Price Adjustments, Extensions, Withdrawals, Cancellations, etc.
  • Make Disclosure Packages (Hard Copies or Email) for Potential Buyers
  • Make Copies/Email HOA Documents for sellers or agent
  • Prepare and Docusign requested docs to clients

New Sale

  • Send Contract to Title and Lender
  • Change Status on MLS
  • Make Escrow Calendar (Send to Agent), Input all contractual dates into my calendar to follow up with agent on important dates
  • Submit Paperwork to Office (kw greensheet & skyslope)
  • Double Check Outside Broker BRE
  • Get disclosure package to Buyer or from Listing Agent & prepare for our client
  • Docusign to clients
  • Constant Follow Up On Completed Paperwork which usually includes Contacting Other Agent, Title Company, and Clients
  • Schedule sign off, prepare & send any docs that need to be in completed to title
  • Order home warranty per contract
  • Update Office with all referrals, price changes, commission changes, cancellations or credits
  • Order Sign Down
  • Make sure file is clear (To Best of Ability) Before COE to ensure agent gets paid on time

Close Of Escrow

  • Change status on MLS
  • Follow up with keys, closing docs, file copies and anything else client needs